5 Reasons Why Kids Love Jumping Castles

We know very well that kids of all ages love to run around with their friends, jump on jumping castles, play different games and have hours of fun. And that’s because you can hire inflatable play equipment for kids parties and events all over Sydney. Which brings a smile on the faces of children.

Here are 5 reasons why kids love bouncy castles. We hope that after reading this article, you’ll be interested in renting a bouncy castle for your child’s next birthday party.

Offers harmless fun

One of the main reasons they are so popular with kids (and their parents) is that they are harmless fun and have no rough or hard surfaces. This makes them perfect for kids, who can run, jump and play without getting hurt. They also allow kids to relax and escape from the physics of everyday life.

Available in a variety of colourful thematic designs

Themed jumping castles, like the ones we offer here at Jumping Rascal, have attractive, colourful designs that instantly grab your child’s attention. We have designs to suit both boys and girls. From 3D Spiderman jumping castle for little boys, to Dora’s jumping castle for little girls, to Fun House jumping castle for boys and girls, you can easily find the perfect themed bouncy castle for your party.

They provide hours of entertainment.

Kids get bored quickly. That’s why they always want new toys. But jumping castles rarely bring kids. Inflatable toys give kids a chance to play with their friends, so they spend a lot of time playing. And kids try to make the most of this bouncy castle throughout the party, since they don’t have such big toys at home.

They teach kids how to strategize.
Themed jumping castles provide a little competitive fun for your kids. Whether they’re dancing, freezing, catching or racing eggs, kids have fun playing on the jumping castle. And while they’re having fun, they’re also learning to think fast and make quick decisions. It offers fast-paced action, harmless fun and quick decision-making that all kids will love.

It’s a great workout
Well, no one is really thinking about calories at a party. Bring on the cupcakes, cake, pretzels and chips, but the fact remains that the Jumping castle is a great workout.
Once everyone’s finished their meal (or margaritas), a little time in the vibrant castle will help whet your appetite again. And don’t be surprised if the kids get a little fun at the end of the night to make sure their parents are tired enough by the end of the day.

Where to Find
If you’re looking for jumping castles for kids in Sydney, look no further than Jumping Rascals. We have a wide selection of colourful Jumping castles and inflatable playground equipment for your kids to choose from.

There are many reasons why kids love playing in Jumping castles. We consider them to be harmless fun and completely safe for little ones to run and play in. Themed Jumping castles come in colourful and eye-catching designs that will instantly grab your little one’s attention. It not only provides hours of entertainment for your kids, but they can also teach them how to strategize and make quick decisions.

A jumping castle can help you throw an amazing party for your kids. If you want to hire a jumping castle for kids in Sydney, contact us here at Jumping Rascal. We have a wide range of themed jumping castles that are perfect for your kids’ birthday parties.

If you want to hire inflatable play equipment for kids, call us now on 0400 110 628 / 0425 331 227.

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